• Gurantee employees always give amazing customer service.
  • Empower customers to provide real-time, honest feedback.
  • Caring makes the world of difference.
Ensure employees are always giving amazing service by empowering customers to provide real-time feedback directly to you.
Perfect Employees
Ensure employees always provide amazing customer service. Even when you are absent.
Customer feedback
Customer scans the QR code, snaps a pic & shares feedback in 10 seconds.
Stop bad reviews
Solve customer problems before they turn into bad review - Protcet your reputation.
What you can expect
Employees on their best behavior because customers have a direct line to the boss. You're delighted as issues are promptly resolved, stoppping negative reviews. Customers are happier becuase they feel validated.
We believe you deserve perfect employees, happy customers and no negative reviews.
Guarantee employees are always giving amazing customer service
Hold employees accountable by empowering customers to send real-time feedback about their performance directly to you. Even in your absence, employees maintain high standards as if you were watching them.
Fix problems before customers write negative reviews
Customers can instantly provide feedback by scanning a QR code, allowing you to address any issues before they escalate into negative reviews and safeguarding your reputation.
Pricing as simple as our service.
No Contracts. No Limits. One fee per location.
Cancel anything you want no questions asked.
Unlimited feedback & Un-limited employees.
One small monthly fee per location.
Unlimited employees
Unlimited feedback
Unlimited photos
Unlimited tipping
Your logo & colors
Custom form with logo
FREE QR code stickers
FREE sticker templates
Discounts automatically applied for additional locations (10% - 40%)
We design, print & deliver everything you need. All custom designed using your logo & colors.
Printed & delivered to your door
We design everything to seamlessly match your brand and colors. Our range of durable stickers work everywhere, from tabletops to industrial machinery. Plus, we offer metal badges designed specifically for high-end brands.
We train your employees for you. Ensuring they deliver amazing service.
It's crucial for your employees to understand how Awardee benefits them. Customers can now voice complaints directly to the owner. But they also have the power to praise exceptional employees, leave them tips, and boost their reputation.
Simply send your employees a training link. We handle registration, self-training, accreditation, participation tracking, and ensuring everyone knows what's expected.
Meet our ambassador Rob Mills
What businesses say about us
We Love Them
It’s a simple and amazing service that does what we need it to do. Our staff are better in evert way.
We Love Them
It’s a simple and amazing service that does what we need it to do. Our staff are better in evert way.
We Love Them
It’s a simple and amazing service that does what we need it to do. Our staff are better in evert way.
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